Kisumu Ojola plots are affordable pieces of land which is certainly appealing because of its paranoiac view of the city and the lake. The gentle, laid-back blowing wind rhythm of the Ojola hills is both captivating and calming, the perfect combination for equatorial climate. This is going to be a cosmopolitan community away from the city Centre providing natural set up for homes in an organized 21 acres scheme.

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The scheme is conveniently located just 4.0 km from Busia highway from Bishop Okoth Girls Ojola stage. You can access the sight either by using Kisumu airport Kisian road or Kakamega road through Nyaera market leading you to join Busia Highway. The block is touching old railway line to Butere towards the Ojola hills and proposed standard gauge railway line to Butere – Uganda to the South. The area offers you beautiful view of the lake.

Value Additions

With plans by KIWASCO of building Kisumu water supply tank at Ojola hills guarantee constant water supply on the area. There are good schools in the area including boarding primary school, day public schools, District office administration office and public hospital. One access road to the land have been graded. There are two other serving roads which are yet to be developed by the company. The scheme have reserved area for commercial center, school and common area for borehole and electricity transformer. This will fetch returns to plot buyers three years from now.

The plot price is inclusive of the following value additions;

Tittle processing.

Electricity up to the scheme

Borehole water within scheme

Access and internal roads up to murram level

Trees seedlings and planting around the scheme.


Price and Payment terms

Method of payment (tick appropriately) Cash| Installments|


Plot size An Eighth Acre Plots (Approximately 50 feet by 100 feet or equivalent)
Price Cash Option Kes. 350,000/= Only
5 Installment Option Kes. 375,000/= Only
11 Installment Option Kes. 395,000/= Only


Booking is Kes. 20,000 and Deposit is Kes. 35,000 plus 5 month’s equal installments of Kes. 48,000 or 11 month’s equal installments of Kes. 25,455.

The price is inclusive of tittle processing.

Why Invest in Ojola Kisumu plots

This is a good investment for an investor who is seeking to invest for near future or long term because;

Near future (6 months)

The property will certainly be more than double the acquisition price. This is because of the developments which starts immediately the project is launched hence increase in value. This is exactly what speculators need.

Ideal for those who may need to move to place they call home by putting up homes.

Long term (2 to 3 yrs. or more)

– These plots will certainly be fetching 2 Million which is 7 times of the current investment.

– With the planned development of standard gauge Railway network, investors may opt for warehouse along the railway which fetch a lot of returns.

– With the formation of East African Community, Kisumu will be like central hub or gateway to Central Africa with the standard gauge railway station being developed at Kisumu and Mwanza in the shows of Lake Victoria on Tanzania side, Kisumu will act as exit town of transport to Central Africa Region.

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