We help our plot owners and Diaspora community to own homes back home.

What we do;

At Ibounty we work with partners with extensive and deep experience in mortgage loans and construction. We work to deliver quality housing for our customers who are developing their plots and those building their homes both in towns and back in rural homesteads.

We believe that all plots that we have sold should be developed and to help especially the diaspora community to build their homes back in rural areas up to the habitable stage. This is done through participation with our clients or plot owners. In cases where the owner does not have funds, we make mortgage loan arrangement for you with our financial partner.

Features of the Mortgage.

  1. Your title acts as collateral or security
  2. The maximum repayment period is 15 Years.
  3. Multiple 5 times your deposits or savings
  4. Funds released against property value as construction progresses.
  5. Interest rate is (13.5%) Monthly (1.125%)
  6. Qualify after 6 months of contributing savings


The client can give us the design and approved drawings which we can work with.  If the client does not have capacity, we can help in doing the following:

  • Design, both architectural and structural design
  • Produce Bill of Quantity(BQ) for the design
  • Seek approval and
  • Build
  • Fencing
    Access Our Mortgage loan schedule: HOUSING FUND LOAN REPAYMENT SCHEDULE