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About Us

Ibounty Investment Company Limited is one of the genuine real estate company in Kenya which guarantees you land and homeownership solutions.

At Ibounty, we value trust and honesty besides having a good relationship with our vendors and customers.

Our Vision

To provide the convenience of economic activities to African people

Our Mission

To engage in beneficial activities with institutions and individuals in Kenya and abroad through innovations that optimizes stakeholder’s benefits.

Our Values

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Relationships
  • Value for Money
  • Integrity

What we do

  • Sale of land.
  • Construction of houses.
  • Sale of houses.
  • Mortgage arrangements with our financial partners.
  • Investment Consultancy on land use and SA
The best relationship you can have

Our Story


Our Directors


Arch (Hons) UoN, B.AS (Hons) UoN, MAAK Ben Balozy joined Ibounty Board on 3 February 2020 as Director in charge of Ibounty Housing solutions. Young and energetic, he is also…

Wycliffe Ayaka

Wycliffe Ayaka


Mr. Ayaka is Director in charge of marketing and administration. He is currently working  at CBM Internation in Finance and Grants. Prior to this he was  Senior Accountant in Viwango an independent standards setting and certification organization for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Kenya.

Jotham Opiyo

Jotham Opiyo


Jotham Opiyo is the Chief Executive Officer of Ibounty Property Company. He is also Director at Kimisiu Sacco Society and currently serving as the Treasurer of the society.




Noelina Nabwile was appointed to the Board on 1st October 2018 to be in charge of Diaspora marketing and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) linkages for purposes of exploring international strategic partners.


The people who know best

Kenneth Oduor

Thank you Ken for your support. We are very happy when you feel satisfied. Satisfaction is our purpose

Kenneth Oduor

Lorna Birtz

Thanks @⁨Jotham Opiyo⁩ I got my title when do we get the hard copies and am looking forward to the next phase of the project

Lorna Birtz

Erick Ogindo

Thank you very much Ibounty team. Title deed availability confirmed.🙏🏿

Erick Ogindo

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Thank you for visiting Ibounty Investment Ltd.
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